Love Control® is a card game for consenting adults.

The game consists of 150 cards.

2 types of cards: "Mr. Acts" cards (with a moustache) and "Mrs. Acts" cards (with lips)

3 levels of intensity.

Timing: The "Actions" cards contain an indication of duration. We recommend respecting the time or you will get out of control!

3 Card Families: "Actions", "Naughty Info", "Self Control". The game also includes information cards that provide significant details during the scenario. Keep in mind that if the card is in your deck, it's because Madame has decided. A word to the wise...

2 Joker Cards and 2 Customizable Cards.

The cards are numbered but this is not an order to be followed. The numbers allow you to talk about them during debriefing and memorize your favorite cards. They also allow you to share scenario ideas.
Don't hesitate to share on our social networks the scenarios you have tested by indicating the card numbers in order!

Now that the introductions are done, let's get down to business!

Love Control® is 150 cards and several game versions.

💋 Version 1: The main version of the game:
Make her.
♀️ Madam: Prepare your evening in advance. Anticipate your pleasure. Let your desires run wild. To do this, during the day, well before your evening, sit quietly and alone in a quiet place and study all the cards of the Love Control game.
There are many menus, for all tastes, all moods. Keep in mind that the cards you choose will all be read aloud by the gentleman.
The cards are written in this way: it is the gentleman who reads them aloud. On some cards the gentleman will give you orders, on others you will tell him what to do, on still others you will be able to pass on information to him.
Depending on your desires of the day and your partner, select the cards you want to make tonight. Arrange the cards in the order you want.
We recommend a sequence of 40 to 50 cards to have a very good evening, which corresponds to 45 minutes to an hour or so of play. Once you've selected the cards, feel free to slowly replay your entire scenario several times in order. Visualize scenes to make sure the steps flow the way you want them to.
Make a list of any accessories you may need and prepare them. It's also time to prepare your playlist for the perfect evening you imagine.
Plan your outfit, take your time. Be careful, this may vary depending on the cards you have chosen!
Once you're happy with your selection, stack the cards face up. The first playing card should be on top face up, then the second one underneath etc... Don't touch anything!
You will hand the pile to the gentlemen at the beginning of the evening without him being able to read the chosen cards, or the others.
♂️ Sir:
💝 Are you ready?
Madame will give you a deck of face-up cards. This means you won't see the cards.
You don't have to look at them in advance. Your role tonight, if you accept it, is to turn over the cards one by one. Not all at once, but one by one.
Turn over the first card and read it aloud to Madame.
Carry out the action or let Madame do it if the card read was an order given.
The maps predict an indicative time. Once the card is made, you can move on to the next card. Stick to timing, map order, and directions. Welcome to Madame's head. She gives you the keys to her pleasure... Make good use of it!
It's up to you!
👑 Version 2:
Monsieur prepares the deck, at your own risk!
It's always interesting to compare versions.
Here, the cards are entrusted to Monsieur and it is he who makes his own selection and builds the scenario as he wishes in advance.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that with this version, it is the gentlemen who will benefit from the anticipatory excitement. So get ready for a high-intensity evening ladies!
Be careful: the cards are always provided for the gentleman to read, don't you dislike it! However, we recommend that you don't start your Love Control experience with this version, which goes a little against the grain of the game!
Test version 1 first, please!
🃏 Version 3:
Battle, covered or exposed, random or directed
Shuffle the cards and deal 40 cards to Mrs. and 40 cards to Mrs. The rest of the deck forms the deck. Beforehand, remember to take out the cards that you consider unplayable from the deck!
For the random version, the 40 cards are dealt randomly to each player.
For the directed version, each player chooses their 40 cards. In this case, spread the cards face up in front of you and each player chooses a card in turn.
It's always Madame who starts.
Once 40 cards each have been dealt and the deck has been set up, the game can begin.
Players take turns placing a card face up in the middle of the deck.
Whatever happens, it's always the gentleman who has to read the cards!
And to answer you, it's Madame who starts to play 😏 If a card is refused by one or the other of the participants, it's because the timing is bad!
In this case, the player who put down the card must draw a new card from the deck and pass their turn.
The player who runs out of cards in their hands first wins. You can play the open battle: everyone looks at their cards and chooses which card to put down.
The covered battle version leaves it up to chance: you put down the card without reading it in advance and come what may!!
😈 Version 4:
Out of context: at a restaurant, at the parents-in-law's, while shopping...
We decline all responsibility if you give free rein to your desires and discover your exhib side.
Take a few cards with you and take them out to your partner when he or she doesn't expect them.
He must obey or act according to the card without being able to dodge!
The player who has drawn a card must wait for the other player to take out one in turn before they can play again.
There is no delay, the game can last several hours, several, days or weeks, it's up to you.