Here are some examples of small thematic scenarios to try ! These short sequences last between 10 and 15 minutes. You can incorporate them into your storyline or just get inspired by them! Feel free to share your ideas and scenarios on our social networks !

Torid 🥵 Scenario

  • Card 80: Kick off the scenario with a musical atmosphere that awakens the senses and announces an evening full of promise and discovery. 
  • Card 6: A moment of intense intimacy where the gaze plays a key role, increasing anticipation and desire. 
  • Card 3: A time-limited kiss that intensifies the need for more, fueling passion with calculated precision. 
  • Card 45: The excitement goes up a notch with this invitation to a more intimate and provocative closeness. 
  • Card 17: A sensual dance that raises the temperature, creating a palpable erotic tension. 
  • Card 30: A simple yet bold gesture that adds an element of vulnerability and excitement. 
  • Card 31: An act of self-exploration that invites personal discovery and the rise of desire. 
  • Card 32: A call for shared intimacy, where touch becomes a language of mutual arousal. 
  • Card 33: A moment of erotic introspection that sets the stage for deeper discoveries. 
  • Card 34: An appeal to the senses where taste becomes a key player in the exploration of desire. 
  • Card 126: A mischievous wink that challenges and plays with the rising tension of excitement. 

To be tested for a torrid start to the evening. Do you like to be fondled for your breasts ? If you are one of those women who need to feel desired, very desired to feel arousal, then this little sequence is for you ! Watch his harden as you look at you and let the urge go before you succumb !

Dominator 😈 Scenario

  • Card 122: This card initiates a power game, where directives become a sensual and challenging game.
  • Card 10: A mix of revelation and reserve, this card adds a touch of intrigue and desire.
  • Map 21: Explore mutual visual pleasure with this map, which invites an intimate moment of observation and discovery.
  • Card 9: An order that intensifies suspense and submission, creating an atmosphere of unexpected desire.
  • Card 95: A sensual request that stages touch and taste, adding an erotic dimension to the experience.
  • Card 81: This card introduces an element of physical bonding, increasing the intensity of domination.
  • Card 70: Darkness amplifies the other senses, this card promises to exacerbate every sensation.
  • Card 93: A moment of intense relaxation that turns into a game of sensuality and touch.
  • Card 42: A moment of sensual confrontation, this card invites an intimate and provocative exchange.

13 minutes very very hot. Want a man who takes the lead ? You dream of being pinned against the wall, blindfolded. Do you want to hear his voice giving you orders ? Let him get the message across with this little domination sequence to customize according to your desires ! Add some dirty talk cards, why not ?

Dominatrix 😈 Scenario

  • Card 57: This card invites a reversed power game, where desires are expressed and executed without question.
  • Card 94:  A test of self-control, where temptation and frustration intertwine to intensify desire.
  • Card 20:  A sensual exploration that highlights growing desire and mutual arousal.
  • Card 83:  A moment of pause to intensify the anticipation and the game of seduction.
  • Card 27:  A provocative invitation to actively and sensually participate in the evening.
  • Card 84: A moment of shared self-pleasure, where the gaze becomes a powerful vector of excitement.
  • Card 71:  A map that turns the tables, offering full control for daring explorations.
  • Card 29:  A precise instruction that plays with limits and sensations, increasing the intensity of desire.
  • Card 85:  A bold, intimate challenge that pushes the boundaries of shared sensuality.

Do you want to take control tonight ? You fantasize about a man who lets himself be done. Do you want to play dominatrix to give pleasure and receive it? With this sequence, the gentleman lets himself be blindfolded and you take control of the evening.

Gourmet 😋 Scenario

  • Card 48: A game of temptation and restraint to awaken the senses and build anticipation. 
  • Card 95: A sensual and intimate experience, where taste and touch blend to intensify desire.
  • Card 30:  A simple gesture that reveals and invites a freer and bolder exploration.
  • Card 35:  The promise of growing intimacy and further mutual exploration.
  • Card 33:  An invitation to self-discovery, stimulating excitement and connection.
  • Card 91:  A playful mix of indulgence and eroticism, where pleasure is both gustatory and sensual.
  • Card 3:  A timed kiss that plays with time to intensify every second of intimacy.
  • Card 61:  A sensual and delicious exploration, where the body becomes a feast to be savoured.
  • Card 34:  An invitation to share sensory pleasures, strengthening the bond and intimacy.
  • Card 133:  An impassioned cry for privacy, reflecting an insatiable desire and thirst to continue the experience.

Gourmet sequence! What if tonight the dessert was you ? Introduce indulgent foods into your sexuality and be sure that he will ask for more and more ! Let yourself be stroked and licked and let the pleasure wash over you. The more you enjoy these moments, the more greedy your partner will be! The steps follow one another and make you lose track of time.