Welcome to our page dedicated to LoveControl cards! Our cards are an open door to your desires, your fantasies and your pleasure. Each card has been designed by our 100% female team.

The simple, elegant and sensual design will accompany you through your evenings.

Explore the cards one by one, delve into their meanings, and let yourself be guided by the messages they carry. Whatever your goal, we hope this resource will bring you a fresh perspective and help you move forward on the path to love, self-understanding and personal growth.

With their simple, elegant design, the cards are visible in the dark, so they can be carried anywhere. You can take LoveControl with you wherever you go, and play it whenever you like!

exemple carte lovecontrol
exemple carte lovecontrol
exemple carte lovecontrol
... Qui va piano va sano :
exemple carte lovecontrol 1 clef
Example of an intensity 1 info card, card 79 in the bathroom:
Fancy a doggy-style session against the sink? Or perhaps a shower session inspires you? Use this card to transpose the game to an unusual location. For example, pair it with card 97 "Go under the water fully clothed" for a little early evening scenario.
Naughty info:
exemple carte lovecontrol 2 clefs
Intensity 3 info card 121 "Tell yourself that Madame wants to get dirty":
Use this card to convey information about your state of mind and your expectations for the evening. Not in the mood for romance tonight? Want to be pushed around for real? Place this card at the right moment in your scenario to get the message across. Information received 5 out of 5.
Action card Madame, intensity card 2, card n°27, "My pants are too tight, help me a little":
exemple carte lovecontrol 3 clefs
What could be more exciting than to feel your partner's excitement at your touch? You've decided to turn up the heat tonight, and it shows! You decide when, and you decide how. There he is, sitting at your mercy and docile... As long as you allow it.
Action card Monsieur, intensity card 3, card n°24, "Sit wherever you like and let me taste you |`2min" :
exemple carte lovecontrol 3 clefs
Do we really need an explanation? Monsieur orders you to let him taste your intimacy. Note that the menu is very specific, but leaves Monsieur the choice of what he wants to taste. Enjoy without moderation!
Woman action card, intensity 3, card n°36, "You've got my full attention, so show me what you're doing with your toy":
exemple carte lovecontrol 3 clefs
An intimate, almost taboo moment. Be sure of yourself and your power of seduction enough to let him discover this aspect of your desires. You'll drive him crazy if you allow him into this space. Let him be the spectator of this stolen moment. 1 Minute that will change both your lives.
In the captivating world of LoveControl, the possibilities are endless. We've unveiled a glimpse of our cards, each offering a unique experience to make your relationship blossom. However, this is just a taste of what the game has to offer. With cards for every taste, LoveControl offers a variety of intimate experiences, from sweet romance to fiery passion.
We understand that every relationship is unique, which is why we've designed the LoveControl base game to enjoy a wide range of preferences. This is just the beginning of your adventure. Stay tuned, as future expansions will be added, expanding the horizons of your intimacy even further. Discover new and spicy experiences to spice up your relationship.
So whether you're looking to rekindle the flame, strengthen your bond or explore new horizons, LoveControl is here for you. Don't wait any longer to discover the exciting world of LoveControl and create unforgettable intimate memories.