The Game

Welcome to the world of Lovecontrol, the erotic card game designed for women's pleasure. Discover the details of our game, its principles and the rules that make it unique.

Principle of the Game

Lovecontrol is an erotic card game aimed at a consenting adult audience. It was created to provide an experience of pleasure and eroticism to women. The game is based on the principles of respect, consent and fun.

Rules of the Game

Lovecontrol's rules are simple and designed to create an erotic and exciting atmosphere. The cards in the game guide players through different activities and scenarios to explore their sensuality.

We encourage respectful and consenting play. Each participant should be free to choose the activities that make her feel comfortable.

Target Audience

Lovecontrol is specially designed for consenting adult women who want to explore their sensuality and erotic pleasure. The games are meant to be played in privacy, whether as a couple or solo.

If you have any questions or concerns about our game, please feel free to contact us at